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Maple Popcorn

Maple Cotton Candy

Granulated Maple Sugar (for cooking)

Hard maple candy drops

Maple Peanut butter Dog Biscuits

Maple BBQ Sauce

​Maple Hot Sauce

Maple Mustard - sweet

​Maple Mustard - hot

​Maple Vinegar

Prices subject to change without notice.

*Candy (sugar) sold by the pound for wedding favors is by special order, call to order.


​Small leaf 50ml         ​$  5.00

Large leaf 250 ml      $ 9.00

Gingerbread 50ml   $ 5.00

New York State Glass Jugs available!

Other glass bottles available please inquire

Maple Candy (sugar)

Bagged mixed shape

​Single leaf           $  1.50  

1/4 lb bag            $  5.00

1/2 lb bag            $  9.00

1/4 lb Bunny       $  5.00

*Bulk per lb         $15.00 (wedding favors)

​Seasonal shapes, Christmas, Easter bunny,

Valentines day hearts, wedding.

maple syrup

Bourbon Barrel Aged Syrup - glass  $24.00  NEW!

Plastic Jug

​Gallon                  $53.00  

1/2 Gallon           $29.50

​Quart                   $17.50

Pint                      $10.00

1/2 Pint                $6.50


1 QUART SYRUP $17.50

1/2 GALLON SYRUP $29.00


We have Golden, Amber, Dark, very dark (grade B) please specify which you prefer, if not specified, Amber will be shipped.

Phone: 607-627-6252 or 607-674-9593

Maple cream 

Glass jar

1 lb                      $14.50

1/2 lb                   $  9.50

​Cream does not ship during hot months (July/Aug)


247 County rd 20

sherburne, NY

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The Clinton Cider Mill, Clinton, NY

Made in Chenango, Norwich, NY

​McDowell & Walker, Inc. Sidney, NY

Homesteader, Norwich, NY

Our Sugar house! Open 7 days a week! 

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